Cooking Tips

Guide to the Perfect Steak

  Degrees of Doneness:

  Blue Rare: Seared on the outside, completely red throughout. 115° internal temp.

  Rare: Seared on the outside and still red 75% through the center. 125° internal temp.

  Medium-Rare: Seared on the outside with 50% red center. 135° internal temp.

  Medium: Seared outside, 25% pink showing inside. 145° internal temp.

  Medium-Well: A slight hint of pink inside. 150° internal temp.

  Well-Done: Broiled until 100% brown. 160° internal temp.

Great Cuts for Grilling

  Tenderloin: Lean, yet succulent, with a buttery texture; one of the most coveted for grilling enthusiasts.

  Rib eye: Renowned for its generous marbling; rich, juicy and perfect with a little salt and pepper.

  T-Bone/Porterhouse: Part tenderloin, part top loin, this steak is perfect for beef lovers with big appetites.

  Top sirloin: A superior cut from the sirloin that strikes a perfect balance between flavor and tenderness.

Grill Like an Expert

  1. Trim any excess fat to prevent grill flare-ups and to make cleanup easier.

  2. Cook with your grill's lid closed to contain the heat and to speed up cook times.

  3. Flip your steaks just once with tongs to avoid losing any natural juices.

  4. Keep a meat thermometer on hand to accurately check for doneness.

  5. Never place cooked food on the same plate as raw meats; you risk spreading harmful bacteria.

Grill Cooking Times
(cooking times yield medium-rare to medium doneness.)
Steaks1/2" thick1" thick
Tenderloin 13 to 15 min.
Rib eye, boneless6 to 8 min.11 to 14 min.
Rib eye, bone-in6 to 8 min.9 to 12 min.
T-bone/porterhouse10 to 12 min.14 to 16 min.
Strip steak10 to 12 min.15 to 18 min.
Top sirloin13 to 16 min.17 to 21 min.